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The Greater Louisville Bonsai Society was established in 1971 as a club for people passionate about the living art that is bonsai.  GLBS conducts monthly meetings and activities throughout the year. Through the use of workshops, professional demonstrations, lectures, and video presentations, the members strive to increase their proficiency in this challenging and rewarding hobby. Members enjoy benefits that also include a monthly newsletter and access to the club library. The most important benefit however is the opportunities that members have of sharing their common interest in bonsai with one another. Membership is open to all and our club’s experience runs the spectrum from complete novice to veritable experts in the field.

The Society is a not-for-profit club made up of members interested in the art of bonsai. Its purpose is to advance appreciation, knowledge, and understanding, as well as create interest and inspire participation, in this art form, whether at a beginner or advanced level of skill. 

About GLBS

Ready to find out more about joining GLBS?

Membership in The Greater Louisville Bonsai Society (GLBS) will provide multiple opportunities throughout the year to acquire trees from visiting experts, trips to bonsai nurseries, workshops and our own local professional bonsai sellers.

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